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Does God Heal Our Pain?

Jo Saxton remembers the day she opened the door to a complete stranger who turned out to be her father. Could reconciliation be possible amidst such pain and betrayal?

“Our family was broken, completely broken,” she says, recalling the way she felt about her dad. “You resent and hate someone, but you’re desperate to be loved by that someone.”

Jo’s dad, and his absence, defined the way Jo lived her life - until she went to church as a sixteen-year-old. During the service, someone shared that, as he was praying, he felt there was a girl who had never known her dad there, one who felt like an orphan. 

He said that God wanted her to know that He was her father. 

“It was one of those moments for me where, how could someone know that I’d screamed alone for years?” Jo recollects. “I remember sobbing and sobbing...saying, ‘I want my daddy.’ ”

Jo, at that moment, grieved all that she had lost. She felt God with her, showing her that He heard her and understood the pain - as she wept, He wept too.

Do you feel alone even in the midst of others? Have you, like Jo, felt indescribable loss and pain due to family situations, sickness, or other struggles?

There is Someone who understands.

There is Someone who is there to walk alongside you through the pain and sorrow.

There is Someone who ensures that no matter the struggle, you are never alone.

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